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European Day of Languages


Πάτησε εδώ για ένα ακόμη τραγούδι!

Welcome back to school!


Happy summer!


See you all in September!





You were great at our show!


Ήσασταν υπέροχοι στη γιορτή μας!

Our Event Song for B-Junior


Hokey – Pokey

You put your right hand in

You put your right hand out

You put your right hand in

And you shake it all about

You do the Hokey-Pokey

And you turn yourself around

That's what it's all about


You put your left hand in …

You put your right foot in …

You put your left foot in …

You put your head in …

You put your whole self in …





Our Event Song for Super-Junior


10 little Indians

10 little Indian boys and girls

Τα λόγια για το θεατρικό

CHIEF INDIAN: Hello People. We want to help you.


INDIANS: We can show you how to grow your own food.


Το τραγουδάκι για το θεατρικό

I’m a little Indian on the go,

Here is my arrow and here is my bow.

When I go hunting, hear me shout

Bear and Buffalo better watch out.

(make Indian sound)

Our Event Song for A-Junior


I’m a little Eskimo

dressed in white

gloves and scarf

it’s cold outside


I’m a little Eskimo

look at me

in the igloo

with my family


Πάτησε στην εικόνα για να παίξεις το παιχνίδι των λέξεων!


Welcome to our class blog!

Καλωσήρθατε στη σελίδα της τάξης μας!

Here we can learn, sing, play and have fun!

Εδώ θα μάθουμε, θα τραγουδήσουμε, θα παίξουμε

και θα διασκεδάσουμε!

Love, Miss Dimitra, Miss Margianna

This is a nice song for you!

Ένα ωραίο τραγούδι για σας!